Improve Yields

Yields on cash and short-term assets are almost non-existent in today’s low interest rate environment. With our cash alternative program:

  • Receive an annual net yield ranging from 3% to 6%.
  • Preserve safety and liquidity.
  • Enjoy increased yields, as interest rates rise.
  • Share a death benefit with employees as an additional incentive.

Increasing yields and providing employee incentives.

A nonprofit community health center was seeking to increase the yield on its safest and most liquid funds...

Increasing yields and offsetting executive benefit expenses.

A medical center was seeking to increase yields on assets held in cash, U.S. Treasurys, CDs, and short-term bonds...

Attract and Retain Key Employees

Nonqualified benefit plans used to attract and retain nonprofit executives can be excessively complex, risky, and inefficient. Improve existing plans and install new ones to:

  • Maximize tax-efficiency.
  • Provide liquidity.
  • Promote flexibility.
  • Offer case of administration.

Retaining surgeons, specialists and other key personnel.

A hospital’s board of directors wanted to put an end to rising defections by its surgeons, specialty doctors....

Keeping a quality chief executive engaged.

Losing a museum’s beloved CEO to a competitor would be devastating, so we designed a meaningful solution.

Increase Donations

Our iGift Legacy Program provides benefits the nonprofit now and at the insureds passing, making it a more desirable option than traditional “charitable plans.”
The charity can:

  • Access 100% of the gifted dollars from day one, without surrender charges.
  • Insure someone other than the donor, if age and health dictate.
  • Enjoy a competitive rate of return on gifted dollars with no market risk.
  • Take advantage of a significant death benefit paid to the charity at insureds passing.

Creating a perpetual endowment to fund scholarships.

A well-known donor, who was unhappy with many aspects of “traditional” charitable-giving approaches, was seeking a better....

Achieving better results for the donor and the charity.

A board member of a museum wanted to maximize a series of five annual tax-deductible donations he was....

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