Charitable Gifts of Premium for Life Insurance

Charitable Gifts of Premium for Life Insurance

Donor Spotlight: Christina and Michael Katz

Christina and Michael Katz became longtime supporters of the USS Midway Museum when their first gift arrived before Midway opened as a museum.

Midway CEO Mac McLaughlin received a call from Michael shortly after the ship arrived in San Diego in early 2004.

He asked to tour the ship and Mac gladly obliged. When the tour was concluded, Michael immediately wrote a $10,000 check without being asked!

“Over the last eight decades our (U.S.) superpower strength has been a carrier fleet that we could deploy to anywhere in the
world, and to have a piece of that history in San Diego is truly incredible,” noted Michael.

Michael is president of the Promenade Mall Development Corporation, a local real estate development company with ownership
in Pacific Beach’s Promenade Mall and other real estate investments. Christina is a very busy mother of five young children,
as well as a volunteer at several San Diego charities. “We see the Midway Museum as a history, engineering, math, and science
lesson rolled into one for the children of San Diego and its surrounding cities,” Christina said.

Last summer, Christina and Michael attended a Midway event where Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs representatives gave a short talk about the benefits of using life insurance as a planned gift. They learned a significant gift to the Midway Museum can be made
now that doesn’t involve estate planning.

At the time, Christina mentioned to Michael that “a lot of universities and colleges have endowments that allow them to continue their legacy, and making a life insurance gift would be a great way for the Midway Museum to do the same thing forty to fifty years down the road.”

The Katz’s began working with Cory Grant and David Jacobs to develop a gift that met their gifting needs as well as their budget.The final result was a gift of life insurance to the museum that will grow to be many times greater than their original gift.

“We wanted our donation to give the greatest impact we could to the USS Midway Museum,” Christina said. “Life insurance
reflects the amount we can give right now in a manner that maximizes the benefit to the USS Midway. We hope others will join us in
giving life insurance to the Midway.”

Michael and Christina recently were honored onboard the Midway for being the first couple to make a gift of life insurance
to the museum.

The USS Midway Museum considers itself very fortunate to have benefactors such as Christina and Michael Katz. Our vision
is to become America’s Living Symbol of Freedom, and with legacy gifts such as these we’re confident we will achieve this objective.