Improving CUOLI efficiency by 60%


The CFO of a $1.5 billion credit union was worried about the performance of its existing $20 million CUOLI portfolio that was put in place prior to his tenure.


Action Steps:

Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs collected, analyzed, and presented the CFO with key data on its existing CUOLI policies, directly from the insurance carriers. We comparted it to data on new policies, and showed the CFO just how much the marketplace had evolved since the original insurance was issued.



Grant Hinkle & Jacobs updated the organization’s CUOLI portfolio and it is projected to enhance the total return to the credit union by $36 million at the life expectancies of the insured pool – an increase of over 60%. This approach used the same assumptions as the existing CUOLI portfolio and did not subject the credit union to additional risk, which was critical to the decision to update the portfolio.