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Business Owners

What Would Happen if Critical Employees Left Your Company?
Defense Contractors – in Particular – Must Retain Top Talent

Retaining key employees is one of the most important issues companies face, especially in a “full-employment” environment, and certainly in defense and government contracting….

Maximizing the Value of Your Real Estate or Construction Business

Retaining key staff – those crucial to your organization’s ongoing success, even survival – is a critical, yet over-looked, aspect of transferring ownership of a company. Losing top employees could disrupt operations, impact current and future revenue, and cause a […]

Skilled Labors’ Day – Keeping Top Workers Engaged and Employed (published in the San Diego Business Journal)

Fetch a Higher Price for Your Business by Retaining Your Key Employees

The reality and risks of losing key employees during the process of a sale..

Planning with Business Owners

The Magnitude of Planning now can last several Generation…

Life Insurance Can Benefit Succession Plan

Estate planning often presents challenges for family business owners as they strive to plan for business continuity….

Establishing an Employee Retention Strategy

Don’t misinterpret your most successful, driven employees as your most loyal. Over 25% of employees are currently at high risk for turnover. More than one third of those are individuals who show high potential in their positions, exceeding performance expectations. […]

COLI for Executive Compensation

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) is a common funding vehicle for executive compensation obligations. COLI is a life insurance policy owned by the employer that insures the lives of one or more employees of the employer. The policy typically covers the […]

Life Insurance Can Benefit Succession Plan (published in the San Diego Business Journal)

Using life insurance in family business succession and estate planning often presents challenges for family business owners as they strive to plan for business continuity while generating accessible wealth for their families. Ensuring that their companies and estates have sufficient […]

High Net Worth Families in Preservation Mode (published in CA Real Estate Journal)

By MANDY JACKSON CA Real Estate Journal Staff Writer Recession has some investors looking for opportunities, others playing it safe As the global recession continues to put downward pressure on commercial real estate values in the near term, high-net-worth individuals […]

Credit Unions

Your 457(f) Plan and the Impact of the new 21% Nonprofit Excise Tax
Published by CUNA Councils

By now, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the 2017 Tax Act holds significant ramifications for nonprofit organizations, including credit unions. In particular, the provision of the bill that imposes a 21 percent excise tax on the part […]

Credit Union Alert – FASB Update
Published by CUNA Councils

Utilizing equity securities, like stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds, has historically been a reasonable way to invest ….

Maximizing Your 457(f) Plan
Published by CUNA Councils

As a key executive , you know that the success of any credit union is determined by the quality of the people…..

Continued Service for Credit Unions

We understand and appreciate that your credit union has implemented a supplemental retirement plan for its key executives. In order for the program to function properly, it is imperative that all parties, including the sponsoring organization, the valued participants, the […]

Choosing the Right Leader for a Credit Union

Change is inevitable. At some point, every company must deal with the issue of succession, whether planned or due to unforeseen circumstances. Some plan for it in advance, while organizations that find themselves unprepared may face chaos and uncertainty when […]


The Importance of a Written Policy Analysis & Review (PAR)

What are Life Insurance Settlements?

Why Families Use Life insurance

Don’t turn a personal tradegy into financial hardship for your family…

Planning Provides Peace of Mind

It is a great feeling to know that your family is protected…

Charitable Gifts of Premium for Life Insurance

Longtime supporters a museum creat a charitable legacy….

Don’t Overlook this Key Planned Giving Tool

For decades, multitudes of charities have benefitted from the wise investment choices of savvy benefactors. With thoughtful and conservative planning, donors across the world have mastered the art of leveraging smaller gifts into useful investment tools that, over time, yield […]

Using Life Insurance to Equalize Inheritances

Deciding what to leave to your heirs is a basic consideration when developing your…

Non-Profit Organizations

Solving the “Days Cash on Hand Yield Dilemma” for Hospitals and Medical Clinics in a Low Interest Rate Environment

In today’s low interest rate environment, how can hospitals and medical clinics expect to achieve any sort of meaningful net yield on DCOH?

The Top Four Challenges nonprofits Face

nonprofit leaders know the road to making a difference is long, bumpy, and difficult — some would say running a nonprofit is more challenging than starting a typical business. Although nonprofits share many of the same obstacles as for-profit businesses, […]

Three Steps to Achieving Financial Stability for nonprofit Hospitals

Achieving financial stability as a nonprofit hospital is no simple feat. With a limited budget for attracting and retaining key talent, organizations are facing the threat of consistent employee turnover, alongside mounting new concerns about reporting regulations. For today’s nonprofit […]

Recruiting for nonprofit Boards

nonprofits rely on knowledgeable, experienced board members to lead them to success. So, what happens when you can’t find the right people to sit on your board? In a 2015 study, BoardSource found that only 73% of chief nonprofit executives […]

Four of the Biggest HR Struggles for Universities

Human resources departments are beginning to face some significant challenges as they struggle to refine their roles in a modern and competitive working environment. Universities must walk a fine line between offering unique and effective packages for students, and managing […]