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Clients always come first at Grant Hinkle & Jacobs and we strive to be a true trusted advisor.

Our firm operates from a “client-centric” model that fosters communication and idea-flow between clients’ professional advisory team members.  Concerns are incorporated into strategies based on time-tested techniques customized to meet every clients’ needs.  Our arrangements are flexible enough to take into consideration the inevitable changes in family, financial, and external circumstances that will occur over time.  The results are straightforward and tax-efficient.
It has been our experience that the best ideas come from specialists working in their respective fields of expertise.  Our firm succeeds by specializing in a few distinct areas, acquiring the most in-depth knowledge and experience, and sharing it with our clients so they can make the most informed choices.Our clients sleep well at night knowing that we provide them with the best options, the superior advice, the most competitive products, and unparalleled service.
For example, Grant Hinkle & Jacobs pioneered “institutional” designs that maximize performance and minimize the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the implementation of supplemental executive retirement plans.  In addition, our educational backgrounds and collective expertise in benefit planning allows us to develop programs for credit unions, hospitals, successful businesses, wealthy families and non-profits while maintaining complete design and financial product independence.
As a privately-held firm that has experienced ownership succession first-hand, we can especially relate to other business owners who are responsible for operating their organizations while protecting their loved ones and key employees.  We understand how difficult it is for owners to work on their businesses rather than in their businesses.  We strive to make that process as intuitive and efficient as possible, with sensitivities to time and budget as well as seamless interaction with other trusted professional advisors.
Our partners are deeply engrained in the fabrics of their respective communities, actively participating in various charitable, educational, governmental, and social endeavors dedicated to improve the quality of life for all.
We look forward to the opportunity to learn about your unique situation, and to determining if or how we can help.

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