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Grant Hinkle & Jacobs’ corporate clients represent a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, manufacturing, automotive, agricultural, hospitality, and professional services, such as legal and medical. Most are privately-held or family-owned enterprises, and many are involved in both interstate and international commercial activities.

Working in coordination with their other trusted advisors, Grant Hinkle & Jacobs helps business owners gain peace of mind by custom-designing, implementing and funding programs that protect them, their families, and their companies. This can include protecting the business against the loss of an owner or key employee, and perpetuating the business to the next generation and beyond.

For the business owner, succession planning is often tied directly to individual estate planning. We have developed and have access to highly effective programs and designs that address succession planning among business owners and family members, as well as “golden handcuff” strategies to attract, retain and reward key employees who are critical to the company’s success, especially during a transition.

Our corporate clients rely on us for guidance on succession and estate planning issues, and for the design and placement of insurance mechanisms that permit the smooth operation and transition of the business. Although they come from diverse personal, familial, and business backgrounds, our clients all share a sense of personal accomplishment over their lives and feel much more at ease when they know that they and their loved ones are protected.


Case Study #1

An agricultural company in California’s Central Valley, now in its second generation as a family business, was thriving beyond expectations. The four co-owners were concerned about there being enough liquidity on hand at the death or retirement of an owner to allow the company to buy his or her stock for cash, as required by an existing buy-sell agreement. In addition, the family was struggling with how to best mitigate Federal estate taxes that will be due when an owner passes away. Their CPA was familiar with our firm’s work in this specialized area and called us to assist.

Case Study #2

A commercial insurance agency, with several offices throughout Southern California, was losing key employees to its competitors. The owners needed a way to attract, reward, and retain top talent in the insurance industry without giving away company stock and without significantly impacting current cash flow. One of the agency’s clients recommended Grant Hinkle & Jacobs to the owners and it was an ideal fit.

Case Study #3

The owner of a high-end consumer product manufacturing company in the Inland Empire has critical technical knowledge in his head and a seasoned salesperson that generates 80% of the company’s revenue. The owner is concerned that, in the blink of an eye, the value of her business could be a fraction of what it is today if she is no longer around able to run it. She is also worried that, if something unexpected happens to her key salesman, the revenue will dry up until she is able to hire and train a suitable replacement. The firm’s attorney tapped Grant Hinkle & Jacobs to help design and fund a plan that protects the owner, her family, and her company, no matter when events eventually occur.

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