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At Grant Hinkle & Jacobs, we work with successful families and individuals across the country to help them accomplish their asset protection, wealth transfer, and life insurance planning goals. It is satisfying to see the sense of relief that our clients experience when they realize that they and their loved ones are protected.

For clients facing divorce, we have unique experience in designing life insurance that is required under a marital settlement agreement. We are also familiar with the applicable techniques for clients in second marriages, same sex couples and special needs situations, and for those with charitable intent.

Each client situation is uniquely different and demands a customized approach.


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Estate & Business Succession Planning Concepts for Mexican Nationals; Resident & non-Resident Aliens: Using Status To Your Advantage


Case Study #1

A retired physician in Sarasota, Florida is in the top tax bracket. She was concerned about looming income and estate taxes due on her retirement account, which had grown to be quite large over the years. She read an article by Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs that was published in a national financial newsletter about techniques to improve the tax-efficiency of her retirement accounts, and asked us to assist with her planning.

Case Study #2

A couple in Chicago have a business that owns a notable amount of commercial real estate across the southwest, but few other assets. There are 35 employees including their son who has worked in the business 20 years and is serving as CFO. They also have a daughter who has three kids and is married to a dentist in Maryland. The couple wants treat each child equally, but they are concerned about what will happen to the real estate portfolio if it had to be split, and about the potential of it creating disagreements among their two children. The couple’s estate planning attorney brought in Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs to design an insurance policy that equalizes the heirs’ inheritances without having to sell or encumber the real estate. It also fit hand-in-glove with the established legal framework and could also be used to help mitigate potential estate tax liability.

Case Study #3

A 42-year old accountant in San Diego, California just opened an independent practice and is building his book of clients. His wife is concerned that, if something unexpected happens to him, the business has almost no current value and she is not qualified to take over operations. This leaves her and their two children at substantial financial risk. His commercial insurance agent made an introduction to Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs and we provided peace of mind for his family with a policy that protects his wife and children no matter if or when an unanticipated event occurs.

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