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Policies and Complete Carrier Independence

Life insurance can offer many advantages to you, your family and your business, including special tax benefits, a compelling rate of return and, most importantly, peace of mind. The life insurance experts at Grant Hinkle & Jacobs are completely independent so we can take into account the entire insurance marketplace when finding custom life insurance policies for our clients.

Experienced Life Insurance Consultants

We know that acquiring life insurance coverage is a major decision for you, and that making the wrong choice can have a significant long-term consequences. Selecting the proper type, amount, structure, ownership and funding of life insurance requires in-depth access to and knowledge of products and carriers.
By combining our understanding of your financial and non-financial goals and objectives with our specific expertise in the life insurance field, we can ensure you are acquiring the best custom life insurance product available for your specific situation.

Life Insurance Premium Financing

Grant Hinkle & Jacobs is a leader among life insurance premium financing agencies. We are completely independent and not connected to any single carrier or bank, so we can take into account the entire insurance and lending marketplaces when designing and financing custom life insurance coverage for you. Grant Hinkle & Jacobs will find you the best price for the coverage you need.

Life Insurance Assessments

Do you already own life insurance? The life insurance consultants at Grant Hinkle & Jacobs can provide a Policy Audit & Review (P.A.R.) to confirm that your current coverage still matches your needs, and at the right price.
The life insurance industry changes frequently, and with those changes comes updates and improvements in policies. It is critical that you have your policy evaluated every two years to ensure that it is competitive and still meets your needs.

Often times, policyholders are unaware that they can lower their premiums without giving up any death benefit or desirable policy features, or that it would be worthwhile for them to transfer their coverage to a different policy with a stronger insurance carrier.
To ensure that you’re making the most of your premium dollars, our life insurance consultants would be happy to review your policy at no cost to you. Give us a call today at 800-423-4890.

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

Properly-designed life insurance can provide a compelling rate of return on premiums contributed. Policies should be regularly monitored, like other assets, to ensure that they are still performing as planned and to make adjustments if needed as circumstances change.  Life insurance should not be a “set-it-and-forget-it” asset.

In the following podcast, Cory C. Grant explains the importance of treating life insurance like an active asset rather than putting in a drawer and rarely, if ever, reviewing it.

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