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Hospitals and medical clinics face many challenges in today’s environment, including increasing regulation, bureaucracy, competition for top talent, and employee costs. 

Grant Hinkle & Jacobs works with non-profit healthcare organizations to help custom-design and fund programs that will attract, reward, and retain doctors and key staff.  We help them improve their cash flows with higher returns on their fixed assets and deploy these additional dollars in ways that will further strengthen the organization.


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Case Study #1

Hospitals often achieve their key person acquisition and retention goals by using Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs).  Many SERPs can be excessively complex, risky, and inefficient.  GHJ has developed several proprietary SERP designs for non-profit hospitals with the objective of maximizing tax-efficiency, liquidity, flexibility, and ease of administration.  In one of our recent engagements, GHJ designed the plan so the sponsoring hospital will not only recover the entire cost of the benefit provided to the executive, but is earning a very real rate of return on committed dollars.


A non-profit community medical clinic wanted to protect itself by insuring its key officers but the board was concerned that life insurance premiums would negatively impact cash flow.  GHJ repositioned a portion of the clinic’s cash holdings into a program that provided the desired insurance protection on its key officers, plus a far higher rate of return on cash than it had been receiving and without sacrificing safety or liquidity, which was critically important to the board.

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