Strategic Solutions

Executive Compensation

In the majority of businesses, the most important assets are the key employees and executives. These professionals are crucial for driving revenue, and ensuring business perpetuation. However, in today’s economy, loyalty can be hard to find. As competition grows, rival businesses may tempt key employees away from your company with even the smallest promises. Retaining key people, incentivizing them to offer impeccable performances, and reducing turnover can be a significant challenge. Fortunately, with the right benefit plan advisor from Grant, Hinkle, & Jacobs, you can create a custom solution for executive compensation that appeals to both you and your employees. And all without having to give up equity in the company.


Business Succession Planning

Owners, or part-owners of closely-held businesses are often concerned about their bottom line. Planning for the continuity of your family-owned business, while simultaneously ensuring a stable financial future for your family, can be a difficult task. At Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs, our experts can work with you and your team to cultivate stable estate planning strategies, addressing your concerns and minimizing risk. What’s more, we work to ensure that every step we take for you, your business, and your family is tax efficient.

Nonprofits and Credit Unions

Employee retention is becoming more of a challenge for all not-for-profit entities, from hospitals and medical clinics to schools. It’s essential to implement valuable and innovative benefit plans for key employees. With the right benefit-oriented retention plan, a Credit Union would also have the power to compete with other businesses in their industry when attracting, rewarding and retaining top talent.

Unfortunately, many of the existing plans established to meet these obligations are not sufficiently funded or tax efficient, and can be unnecessarily risky. With a Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs benefit plan advisor, you can craft the ideal solution for your business. Our team of expert life insurance advisors have unparalleled experience in helping nonprofits and credit unions design and fund benefit plans for their key employees.


Legacy and Estate Planning

Planning for the future is crucial when it comes to ensuring long-term stability for your business and your family. At Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs, we use time-tested and effective estate planning strategies to ensure that you and your spouse always have access to the right resources. What’s more, our experts make certain that the assets you leave behind for your heirs are completely protected.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an extremely valuable decision. The right life insurance vehicle can offer several advantages to you, your family and your business, including special tax benefits, long-term financial stability and, most importantly, peace of mind. At Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs, our independent life insurance advisors will examine the full insurance marketplace when planning and implementing life insurance policies for each unique client. We offer bespoke, no-compromise solutions to life insurance, to ensure that you and your family are always well protected.   

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