Tips for Improving Nonprofit Financials

The average nonprofit is severely lacking in funding. Just like any for-profit business, nonprofits need to manage expensive operating costs — like employee retention, or technology adoption — without the typical business model of exchanging goods for cash. That leaves nonprofits to rely on strong emotional appeals to convince donors to support the organization financially. […]

Recruiting for Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofits rely on knowledgeable, experienced board members to lead them to success. So, what happens when you can’t find the right people to sit on your board? In a 2015 study, BoardSource found that only 73% of chief nonprofit executives believe they have the right board members to support their organizations — that means 27% […]

Should You Hire Internally or Externally?

Hiring the wrong person isn’t just a small “oops” for your organization: it could be a five-figure “oops,” according to Forbes. When you hire the wrong person — someone who is a poor cultural fit, or has an underdeveloped skillset — you waste time, money, and potential that could leave your organization at a standstill. […]

Executive Education: How to Enrich Key Staff Knowledge

Competitive businesses around the world are recognizing the value of a culture committed to ongoing education, designed to create a constantly evolving and expanding brand. After all, the more executives learn, the more dynamic they can become as key leaders in your enterprise. Unfortunately, research suggests that most CEOs have a peak of five years […]

Establishing an Employee Retention Strategy

Don’t misinterpret your most successful, driven employees as your most loyal. Over 25% of employees are currently at high risk for turnover. More than one third of those are individuals who show high potential in their positions, exceeding performance expectations. The lesson to employers? Your top performing team members may be at the highest risk […]

The Top 4 Challenges Nonprofits Face

Non-profit leaders know the road to making a difference is long, bumpy, and difficult — some would say running a non-profit is more challenging than starting a typical business. Although non-profits share many of the same obstacles as for-profit businesses, it’s important to address them from a unique perspective. According to a report from the […]

Four of The Biggest HR Struggles for Universities

Human resources departments are beginning to face some significant challenges as they struggle to refine their roles in a modern and competitive working environment. Universities must walk a fine line between offering unique and effective packages for students, and managing the restrictive, and often challenging, budget restraints that prevent them from spending too much money. […]

Who Is a Key Employee in a Hospital, and How Do You Plan for Their Departure?

As a hospital, your most important resource is your employee talent. Unfortunately, finding and retaining that talent may be difficult, as around 73% of workers suggest that they would look for new work while they’re still employed. Studies suggest that 1 in 5 healthcare employees leave their jobs each year. This number far exceeds the […]

3 Steps to Achieving Financial Stability as a Not-for-Profit Hospital

Achieving financial stability as a not-for-profit hospital is no simple feat. With a limited budget for attracting and retaining key talent, organizations are facing the threat of consistent employee turnover, alongside mounting new concerns about reporting regulations. For today’s nonprofit organization to thrive, whether in the medical sector, or elsewhere, it is crucial to find […]

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